If there were two ways in which I could describe myself in a vague yet bitterly humorous way, I’d go for “bad joke enthusiast” and “salad afficionado”. There’s this lovely place that sells a great and tasty dish, “Gratitude”. I will not disclose the name of the restaurant so to protect my privacy, but if you DO know which shop I’m talking about, then you should give that dish a shot!

Setting the palate-arousing dish aside, “Gratitude” is a concept I find myself struggling with.

I’ve had a problem telling “gratitude” apart from “abnegation” for a very long time. I couldn’t tell when I was being walked over, under the guise of “gratitude”. Gratitude and manipulation always walked hand-in-hand for me.

I can’t decide I should be grateful for not having experienced something amazing that would lead to immense pain afterwards.